MonthAugust 2020

Breaking Down The Selenium Framework

When it is about placing the data and codes at a place, we do need a proper framework. Selenium Framework is doing the same. It helps in creating the code a code structure that helps in maintaining the code easily. This way one will be able to reuse or read the code again and again. Selenium Framework helps in maintaining the cost, code readability, and high portability also. To learn about the Selenium Framework in detail read below.

Selenium Framework

We have already defined what Selenium Framework is. To understand the Selenium Framework, people need to understand some of the common frameworks used in the Selenium Framework. A framework is basically for testing any particular function by breaking the complete code in smaller codes. It is important for one to have Selenium Framework at the right place. Because one test case will include the complete functionality of the test. In a single test, code can go up to the codes of million lines, and it will become a huge test case making it difficult to read. Even if one will have to make modify some codes in the test code or will have to remove something, it will be very difficult to do so. That is why selenium framework is very important to use. The three main and important frameworks which you should know about in the Selenium Framework are Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, and the Hybrid Framework. Check about these 3 frameworks below.

Data-Driven Framework

In this kind of framework, all type of test data comes from the external file only. Like XML, CSV, Database tables, and Excel. One needs to know how to open and read data from an excel sheet by using the Selenium test script. Like for writing and reading on the Excel sheet, a famous library known as POI is provided by the Apache. This library helps in reading and writing in the Excel in both the formats that are XLS and XLSX.

Keyword Driven Framework

It is also called as a Functional Automation Testing Framework. In other words, one may also call it Action Word-based testing or Table-Driven testing. In this type of framework, all the instructions and operations are keyword driven. This framework works by dividing the Test case into 4 parts. All these 4 parts are different from each other. The first part is the Test Step. The second part is the Test Object, then the third one is Action, and the last one is the Test Data. The first one is a brief description of the Test Step and the action that is going to take place on the test object. The second one is the object or element of the Web Page. The third one is action on the object like opening a browser or clicking, etc. The last one that is the test data, so it is a value that is required by the object so that the action can be performed.

Hybrid Framework

This is a kind of framework where both Data Driven Framework and Keyword Driven Framework’s concept is used. In this framework, excel files are used for maintaining test cases. And TestNG Framework is used for test data. One will need to see the complete description pf this framework to understand it.

Benefits of Selenium Framework

While using the Selenium Framework, one can have different benefits. That is why it is recommended also to use Selenium Framework. Some of the benefits are:

  • Supports Multiple Browser – Unlike other frameworks, when you use Selenium Framework, a single script can be used for all the browsers. Be it Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other browsers, they all can work on a single Selenium script. As this script is completely compatible with all these browsers. One will not have to rewrite the whole script again for different browsers.
  • Can be implemented easily – Selenium framework is user-friendly. It provides a user-friendly and easy interface which helps in effectively creating the test scripts and executing them with ease. So, no worries about using this framework, as it can be used easily.
  • Flexibility – In the testing lifecycle, test management is an important thing. To make the test management efficient and easy, Selenium framework features are used. Like regrouping of test cases, reducing duplication, reducing complications, etc.