.NET Instrumentation Components

Inst360 is the first component in a series of instrumentation controls. The componentXtra analog gauge instrument is easy to configure and supports live updates. You can embed it into your application and its flexible look-and-feel makes it ideal for virtual control panels. Scale start and sweep angle can be specified and adjusted at runtime. Two text regions on the dial face can show, for example, description, units or scale multipliers. The needle on the gauge is configurable and moves around the dial smoothly.

 Supported Features Lite Standard
 Simple interface
 User-defined text
 Examples for VB
 Examples for C#
 Banner (c..Xtra) removed
 User-defined color
 Flat and raised layout
 Design Price Free $99
 Runtime Price Free Free
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Please read the License Agreement before purchasing the component.


Inst360 Installation
Inst360 Free Version (for .NET Framework 1.1 / 2 / 3 / 4)
Inst360 Examples for C# and Basic
Inst360 Help File

For further details and a list of Properties see the Help file.