Improve your .NET application with this simple but powerful graph component.
XYGraph is a native .NET charting component showing data in a cartesian graph (X,Y). Controls from componentXtra provide royalty free software integration. Both the free and licensed products include sample code (VB, C++ and C#).

The product table below shows our three dotNet graph products. Please read the License Agreement before purchasing the component.

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 Graph Features Lite Standard Advanced
 # Data Sets 1 Unlimited* Unlimited*
 # Points 1000 Unlimited* Unlimited*
 Easy Interface
 Runtime Control
 Auto Scale
 Auto Axis
 Save (BMP, JPG)
 Clipboard Copy
 Custom Labels   NEW!
 Logarithmic Axes
 Design Price  Free $99 $299
 Runtime Price  Free  Free  Free
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* Depends on the hardware used


XYGraph Demo Application
XYGraph Installation
XYGraph Component Free Version (for .NET Framework 2 / 3 / 4)
XYGraph Component Free Version (for .NET Framework 1.1)
XYGraph Examples for C#, C++ and Basic
XYGraph Help File

Additional Information
For further details and a list of properties and methods see the Help File and try  our Demo Application.